Wasatch Summit Regulators

Howdy Pardner!

We’re bustin at the seams to welcome you to the home of the Wasatch Summit Regulators. We are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Cowboy Action shooting is a family oriented sport that embraces two primary facets of the old west, shooting and costuming.

We shoot the 2nd Sunday of each month and shoot Wild Bunch the 5th Saturday of the month.

Shoot time begins at 9 a.m.   

Cowboy Action participants dress in costumes representative of the late 1800s while participating in staged and timed shooting scenarios using firearms from the era. Targets are close and speed is up to the individual shooter. Costuming can be as simple as boots, jeans and a hat or something as complex as a Victorian gown.  Wild Bunch participants emulate the classic cowboy movie Wild Bunch by dressing in costume and shooting firearms from the pre World War I era. Please visit the SASSnet.com website for complete details.

Our club takes kindly to greenhorns and we’re willin’ to learn ya. But sure as shootin’ you’ll be expected to be neighbor like, play by the SASS rules and have fun!